What We Do

Julie’s Bicycle’s vision is a creative community powering action on climate change.

Julie’s Bicycle is a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. We believe that the creative community is uniquely placed to transform the conversation around climate change and translate it into action.

We provide the creative community with the skills to act, using their creativity to influence one another, audiences and the wider movement. We run a rich programme of events, free resources and public speaking engagements, which contribute to national and international climate change policy development.

Julie’s Bicycle supports the Paris Agreement goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by focusing on energy, the major source of carbon emissions for the cultural sector. More than 2,000 companies use the Creative Industry Green Tools, our suite of carbon calculators, and our certification scheme, Creative Green, is the recognised benchmark for sustainability achievement within the creative industries.

We have a deep engagement with the arts and cultural sector, working with organisations and independent professionals across the UK and internationally to embed environmental sustainability into their operations, creative work and business practice.


Rooted in our ongoing research progamme delivered in partnership with Oxford University, we gather the environmental data of almost 2,000 creative organisations via our Creative Industry Green Tools (now a funding requirement for Arts Council England and shortly Creative Scotland). Free to use, the IG Tools allow you to monitor your environmental impacts. Designed and developed by experts from within our sector, they are shaped specifically for the creative industries.

We are consulting and certifying over 70 creative organisations, working across the European Union and advising on international cultural policy.

Capacity Building

We have created a unique, expert and comprehensive free resource covering every aspect of greening creative business: production, energy, waste and water management, travel, touring, festivals, governance, commissioning, marketing and communications, staff and audience engagement. Our website is used by companies and individuals from 178 countries.

Thought Leadership

Annually our programme of events attract creative practitioners from across all fields; we have numerous international speaking engagements; and we drive a small number of priority 'stretch' campaigns across the creative industries throughout the year. Our next three year thought leadership programme, Sustaining Creativity, will look at the creative and cultural community's response to environmental sustainability.

We offer bespoke consultancy - whether you are trying to achieve or translate a specific standard, save money through energy efficiency, communicate your achievements, or need specific guidance on a niche issue, our team of experts can help.

What We Do

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