Oxford University Internship Programme

​Julie’s Bicycle host interns from the Oxford University Internship Programme.

This programme facilitates hundreds of summer internship opportunities for Oxford Students in the United Kingdom and internationally. 

Read on to find out more about students who have undertaken an internship at Julie's Bicycle.

Harry Begg


I spent six weeks at Julie’s Bicycle after graduating from the University of Oxford as part of an internship programme supported generously by the Environmental Change Institute (Oxford) and Santander. This short period gave me considerable exposure to current debates surrounding culture and climate change, and the great work that Julie's Bicycle does in this field. My time at JB came after I graduated with a degree in English Literature, and before I started postgraduate work at University College London in Public Policy. Julie's Bicycle's work is at an intersect between these disciplines, focusing on cultural responses to what is a major policy problem for international governments. Whilst at JB, I worked on a project considering how the UK and EU is responding to environmental change, with particular emphasis on the lead up to the COP 21 in Paris in December 2015.

Julie's Bicycle, perhaps unsurprisingly, provides a great environment in which to be creative with one's ideas, and as an intern I was given autonomy to follow up personal leads and ideas as part of the wider research. Each member of the JB team has their own unique background and set of interests, and it was an exciting and interesting firm in which to work. I am still in touch with JB and often find myself in my current policy research pondering 'what would JB think in response to this?' It is testament to the scope of JB's work that these thoughts have arisen in the middle of both economics and ethics classes!
JB has provided a great forum for developing my work for UCL and beyond. In August of this year, I will be taking up the Michael von Clemm Fellowship at Harvard University, representing Oxford University in Harvard, and continuing work in the broad remit of environmental studies. At Harvard, I will be concerned primarily with the history of environmental conflict and politics, considering how societies have responded to environmental change in the past, and how this provides rich context to current debates in environmental policy.
I would highly recommend work with Julie's Bicycle to graduates from an array of fields (the arts, social sciences, and natural sciences). JB embraces the pressing need for a multidisciplinary and international response to anthropocentric climate change, and your time there will reinforce your belief that we are in a defining cultural moment for our collective future.

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