Our Story

Julie’s Bicycle is a not-for-profit organisation working on sustainability within the creative industries.

We were founded ten years ago by the music industry. At a time when the music industry’s main response to global issues was Live 8, a small group of industry executives met in Julie’s Restaurant in London. They agreed on two main things – first, that it was great to see the music industry talking about climate change, and second, that flying artists halfway across the world to wag their fingers at the public was not the way to do it. The group established that for the music industry to start exploring, innovating and communicating on environmental impacts, it must first address its own. The foundations for change would come from establishing a culture of commitment and understanding at the heart of the industry.

And so Julie’s Bicycle was born – a not-for-profit organisation working within the industry to provide the tools, support and advice needed to establish these foundations. How we do this is detailed below.

In 2010 we expanded beyond the music industry into theatre. We now cover the following creative industries: combined arts, dance, literature, music, theatre and visual arts - each with different business models and cultures. We work with both private and publicly funded organisations of all sizes ranging across global record labels to music festivals, museums and galleries, and one-person touring companies. Whilst the vast majority of our work remains in the UK we have a growing demand for our work internationally.

In January 2012, Arts Council England announced it would become the first arts funding body in the world to make environmental reporting a requirement for all organisations it provides regular funding to. We were taken on as the strategic delivery partner, effectively outsourcing the programme to us.

As we approach our ten year anniversary mark, and with such strong support from the Arts Council England, we are beginning to broaden our horizons. Our team and client base has grown dramatically over the past year and we are re-prioritising. Our team contains energy analysts, creative industry professionals, academics, artists and communicators. We want to amplify our work and address issues which capacity has meant have been beyond our scope until now.

We have conducted 169 certifications and provided consultancy to 65 organisations. More than 2000 arts and cultural organisations internationally use the IG Tools, our suite of carbon calculators bespoke to the arts and cultural sectors. Our work has prompted profound changes in operational and artistic practice, carbon reductions of over 23,000 tonnes of CO2e since 2008, and financial savings of over £3.7m.

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