Good Energy

​How the arts can make a difference

  • Julie’s Bicycle are committed to a future creative sector powered by clean, renewable energy.
  • We are really proud to be sponsored by Good Energy who have always sourced energy from wind, sunshine and rain.
  • We encourage creative organisations to source energy from renewable energy companies. We are particularly committed to Good Energy who are one of our sponsors.
  • Good Energy sponsors our events programme and have funded new development on the Creative Industry Green Tools which recognise renewable energy analysis and impact.

What Kind of World Do We Want to Live In?

We are in challenging times and perhaps the greatest is climate change, mainly driven by our unsustainable burning of fossil fuels.

Climate change isn’t just about resources but also culture.

The arts and creative industries are thriving in the UK. There is an opportunity here for the creative ecology – from the largest established embodiment of the UK’s artistic heritage to the tiniest DIY driven start-up outfit – to lead by doing.

It is time to ask what the arts and creative industries stand for in the context of the natural world.

Julie’s Bicycle has partnered with Good Energy, the 100% renewable electricity supplier, to help turn individual action into collective change.

We have used our combined expertise to devise a simple renewable energy offering, designed especially for the creative industries. You can lead the way and build a resilient, sustainable artistic sector.

"Clean, renewable energy is the simplest of the many solutions to climate change and Good Energy have been pioneering this solution for many years. We are really grateful to be in partnership with Good Energy, driving demand for renewables as well as celebrating their work with the creative sector." JB CEO Alison Tickell

Together, we can build a creative sector that is 100% powered by renewable energy, being responsible custodians for our artists and audiences while driving investment into a greener society overall.

"I believe in the power of the arts to drive change, and I’m proud that our partnership with Julie’s Bicycle is bridging the gap between sustainability and the creative sector." Good Energy CEO, Juliet Davenport

“Julie’s Bicycle’s vision of a creative community with sustainability at its heart is not only possible, it is essential. Good Energy can provide the expertise and resources, through our 100% renewable electricity, to help make that vision a reality. ”

– Good Energy CEO, Juliet Davenport

Why Should You Switch?

Here are just a few reasons why making the switch to 100% renewable electricity will benefit you, your business, the creative sector, and the world.

  • Inspiring audiences
    Choosing renewable energy means inspiring your audiences to make simple changes in their own lives.
  • Supporting communities
    You will be supporting community energy generation – Good Energy buys electricity from over 1,000 independent generators across the UK.
  • Fighting climate change
    You will be combating climate change in a solutions-driven way, helping the UK meet its legally-binding emissions targets.
  • Investing smart
    Supporting renewable energy makes long-term investment sense, as the world switches away from fossil fuels
  • Building a new community
    You will be part of a renewably powered creative community, showing what is possible and working towards broader cultural change

Sustaining Creativity