ADE Green: What Social Marketing Can Do For Your Brand

There’s a thin line between truly engaging in sustainability or merely talking about it, widely referred to as greenwashing. As a festival, or as an artist, you can say you’re sustainable, but are you really? And if so, what does it mean for your brand?

At the ‘Social Marketing - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?’ panel, we dive into the world of social marketing with the people that are doing it right: Nicky Romero, Carina Kornfeind (Welcome to the Future), Mart Drake-Knight (Rapanui Clothing) and Thecla Schaeffer (G-Star RAW).

Nicky Romero – performing at Melkweg during ADE, October 15 - revealed in June 2014, he will be the new ambassador of the 10,000 HOURS foundation. 10,000 HOURS wants to inspire young people around the world to donate time and give something back by doing meaningful voluntary work together with other electronic music lovers. The idea is to take the power of unity people experience when listening to great music and use it to contribute to a greater good.

As an artist Nicky has an enormous global reach and he wants to use this power to enthuse his fans to do something for one another. It is important to Nicky that people actually take action, not to ‘simply’ pledge money. Nicky organized his own voluntary day on July 1st where he offered kids with special needs an amazing day together with his fans.

Thecla Schaeffer will talk about her experience with sustainable marketing at G-Star. During the latest Fashion Week in New York City, Pharrell Williams (creative director of recycled textiles maker Bionic Yarn) partnered up with G-Star RAW to launch a new collection: Raw for the Ocean. Together they raised awareness about the massive plastic pollution problem and moved things forward throughout the fashion industry. They also plan to launch a new Bionic collection every season.

Romero, Schaeffer, Kornfeind and Drake-Knight will discuss the role that you can have in pro-actively affecting positive social change. What are the best and worst case practices in taking a stand in social, environmental or human issues? How can you do just right without losing your hard built image? Or does it contribute to that image? Panelists will share their learnings, do’s and don’ts and other experiences.

ADE Green focuses on both sustainability and how to implement social responsible practices in your business. Don’t forget that you can get an ADE 1-Day Ticket, 5-Day Conference Ticket or ADE Green conference ticket to attend our panels, discussions and debaters on sustainablility. We look forward having a drink to the future with you!

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