Sustainability - A Poem by Michelle Scally Clarke

A poetic response to our Culture and Sustainability event in Leeds by Michelle Scally Clarke.

Photo credit Benji Reid.


Let’s open the doors

And walk to the fields

Let’s create soul sustainability, creating movement, energy!

It’s about making, creating what we need

We are all scraping the barrel

Keeping the balance


The financial and environment.

Sustainability leads to creativity

Comes straight from a grass roots philosophy

Salt of the earth communities

Rethinking promoting inclusivity

We are part of an ecology

And everything we do

Has an impact.

Teeny tiny steps make journeys

Let’s learn from each other

And tell our stories

Going outside the norm, the boxes the walls

To create new noises

Open new doors.

Recognising worth - inspiring ideas

About the little ways

Organisation’s can make a change

Let’s be present

We don’t need to debate climate change

For this is our reality - even today.

So let’s begin a new tapestry

A collage, collaboration

Let’s plant the tree

Allowing, love and care and ownership

To become a common luxury

The blossoms, branches

Attached to the root, free to breathe

Reaching upwards.

I dare you to define, the power of art

What is the most useful thing we can do

Let’s be useful

Full of use!

© Michelle Scally Clarke.

Sustaining Creativity