Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall aims to provide access to good music with minimal impact on the environment.

A not-for-profit venue run by registered charity Inner City Music, it presents the best music from around the world. Their main stage events are supported with a dynamic education programme, which operates throughout the year in the venue, in the community and at local schools. The values of the organisation have always been about providing access to good music with minimal impact on the environment and consideration about the ethics of how things are run and who they work with.

As a highly energy intensive venue, they have made a significant decrease of over energy of 22% since 2010. Their recent carbon audit showed a 25% decrease between 2010-11 to 2013-14, saving 31 tonnes of CO2e.

Band on the Wall have an environmental policy and action plan in place, and have an internal management system through which the green champion drives forward progress. All employees are aware of the environmental policy and are given training upon joining the organisation.

Their environmental and ethical policies are both featured on their website and outlines their aims, objectives and commitments as an organisation.

In summary their policies outline:

  • A commitment to only working with ethical stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Support to Fairtrade and local environmentally friendly suppliers.
  • Dedication to recycling and working with closed loop recycling systems.

Band on the Wall emphasise their duty to maintain an ethical stance by avoiding working with suppliers and stakeholders that have conflicting values. They are explicit about who they will not work with.

This includes:

  • Anyone involved in the exploitation of non-sustainable resources in forestry and/or in the agricultural, mining and fuel industries.
  • Anyone involved in the production, sale or distribution of arms and ammunition.
  • Anyone who does not respect basic human rights outlines in the European Convention for Human Rights.

The venue supports Fairtrade, local suppliers and aims to select the most ethical suppliers possible: they bank with The Co-operative Bank, electricity is supplied by Green Energy, and the phone line is provided by The Phone Co-op.


Everything in the venue is recycled where possible – cans, bottles, paper and cardboard, toner cartridges, batteries and light bulbs – and efforts to reduce the amount of waste overall are ongoing.

  • Paper, cardboard and lightbulbs are recycled by Emerge
  • Cans and bottles are recycled by Green Hope Recycling
  • Toner cartridges are sent to
  • Batteries and IT equipment are recycled by Weee-stop. They also use rechargeable batteries to replace existing standard batteries that are finished with
  • General waste is collected by Enterprise who have a 90% diversion of waste to landfill

Band on the Wall also work with Gumdrop, a closed loop chewing gum recycling process. Chewing gum is collected in Gumdrop bins around the venue and sent to be recycled and processed into a new polymer, Gumtec. This is then used to manufacture new bins, as well as Frisbees, plectrums and other items.

Manchester Arts Sustainability Team

Band on the Wall is a member of Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST), a partnership facilitated by Julie's Bicycle.

MAST grew out of a desire to promote and share good environmental practice, and the recognition that good practice can be significantly enabled by working collaboratively. The organisation uses sMeasure and Creative Industry Green Tools to measure energy usage and calculate the carbon footprint of the building usage.


Sustaining Creativity