Battersea Arts Centre: Building Forecast Tool

An organisation dedicated to inventing the future of theatre with aims to be more environmentally sustainable, BAC has implemented a range of innovative and creative environmental solutions.

One of its aims is to create a ‘Building Forecast Tool’ to actively monitor the building, be able to more accurately predict the likely temperature and conditions of performance spaces, and therefore inform audiences in advance of a show how they might best dress for their comfort. In a first step to building such a tool, BAC tested the use of CubeSensors for their children’s Christmas production ‘Antarctica’ in 2014. CubeSensors measure air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light and air pressure. Connected wirelessly to a base station they provide live information on a space.

The CubeSensor allowed BAC to monitor the temperature of Little Bulb Theatre's space and send messages to the audience before the show. Messages such as ‘Having the polar bears over for dinner?’ allowed audiences to dress appropriately for the show, so they could get to see and hear the wonder of the Antarctica, but not experience it through shivering.

It is Battersea Arts Centre’s aim to have digital displays from the CubeSensor app placed around the building so visitors can get an idea of the temperature, air quality, noise and light of each of the spaces, and give them an idea of the work done to manage energy use in their spaces.

Sustaining Creativity