Energising Culture

Join us at the Barbican in March for our first event in a series of conversations focusing on energy, ethics and finance for the cultural sector.

The ability to tap into the reserves of millions of years of solar energy concentrated in fossil fuels has driven and shaped our civilisation over the past few hundred years. But this relationship is also having profound impacts on our climate.

To keep climate change under 2°C, better yet 1.5°C, as mandated by the Paris Agreement, means we have to limit the amount of Carbon we put into the atmosphere – and that means limiting the amount of fossil fuels we burn and phasing out their use in the next couple of decades.

Event Details

  • Date 9th March 2017
    10:30am — 5:30pm
  • Location Barbican
    Silk Street
    EC2Y 8DS
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This urgency and pressure has already taken hold and is driving a shift in social, financial and cultural values. Experts in the financial markets are increasingly concerned about a ‘Carbon Bubble’ as ‘unburnable’ fossil fuels are at risk of losing value if we are going to meet our climate commitments.

In the meantime, investment funds committed to divesting from fossil fuels have doubled to over $5 trillion in the past year, global investment in renewable energy in 2015 increased by 5% reaching $285.9bn, and renewables supplied 10% of global electricity in 2015. Both the divestment movement and the call for a zero carbon transition to using only clean, renewable energy to power our societies have gained international backing and momentum.

This event will explore the following:

What are the opportunities and risks for the arts and creative industries in the contexts of these growing movements? What is the role of the arts in this shift? 

How can cultural organisations build their financial resilience to growing risks, while helping to build a more sustainable world?

What actions will have the greatest impact?

This event will be the first of several to bring together the cultural and creative sector with experts in the clean energy and ethical finance sector to discuss what new partnerships are needed to unlock this huge potential for new collaborations and approaches.

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Full programme for the day available to download below.

Photo Shambala Festival 2012. Photo © Andrew Whitton.

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