Julie's Bicycle, The Future X Music and The Great Escape present The Green Escape

What is the most meaningful thing we can do on climate change? Can artists really save the world – and is it even fair to ask them to? Join us at the Green Escape to ask these questions and more.

18 May 2017, 13:00 – 16:30
The Old Courtroom, 118 Church St, Brighton, BN1 1UD

What is the most meaningful thing we can do on climate change? Can artists really save the world – and is it even fair to ask them to? Through practical insights from those grappling with these questions, The Green Escape will explore how different parts of the music ecosystem, from artists to agents, labels, venues, and promoters can collaborate to create a greener industry, inspiring ambition and innovation. From activism to action, how can artists become a force for global environmental change? And how can we create a supportive and empowering industry framework?

13:00 Everything but the Art? Climate Change, Music, and Doing What’s Most Meaningful

Climate change is one of the most complex and urgent issues facing us today, but also one of the most wicked to tackle. Who is the victim (if not all of us), who is the perpetrator (if not all of us), and what on Earth can we do about it?  Ten years ago, Julie’s Bicycle was founded from within the UK music industry to help figure out the most meaningful actions the music industry could take. In this opening session, find out where we’re at, what we’ve learned, how different parts of the music ecosystem are already taking action, what opportunities there are in running greener businesses, and the ways in which everyone in the industry – from artist to record label to promoter, agent, and venue – can be a part of this growing movement.


Alison Tickell, co-founder of Julie’s Bicycle

Chiara Badiali, Julie’s Bicycle

13:45 – Talkin’ ‘bout …. Climate Change?

How do we talk about climate change in ways that are engaging for audiences? How do we shape messaging and campaigns so that they are meaningful to people and to the planet? Richard Dent is a PhD researcher in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge. He helps design Coldcut’s civic engagement projects, political activism, social media presence and release campaigns. In the past, he has also worked on the European Commission funded Energy Union music tour, Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11###sup/sup### Hour documentary, James Cameron’s Avatar Alliance Foundation, and The Tree from Global Campaign Climate Action.


Richard Dent, social and political campaigns, Coldcut

Chiara Badiali, Julie’s Bicycle

14:15 – Nothing but Flowers? Greening the Industry

Hear from industry professionals at the frontlines: what are the key environmental impacts and opportunities for action for different parts of the music ecosystem? What are our challenges and the realities of trying to work more sustainably? How can different parts of the industry work together, and what is the role of artists and audiences in all of this?


Melvin Benn, Managing Director, Festival Republic

Isla Angus, Agent (Sleaford Mods, Austra), ATC Live

Chaired by Alison Tickell, co-founder of Julie’s Bicycle 

15:00 – The Future X Music presents: Feeling Hopeful - in conversation with Kate Nash


Kate Nash

Chaired by Iris Andrews, climate campaign and communications strategist

15:45 – “The tricks of words”: performance and conversation with Sabrina Mahfouz

How do you keep true to what you believe in as an artist? How do you map the connections between climate change, civil rights, and social (in)justice through paths of meaning? Multiple award-winning poet, playwright and performer Sabrina Mahfouz joins us for a performance of her poetry and a conversation about climate in her work.

She has been the Sky Arts Academy Scholar for Poetry, Climate Poet in Residence at Cape Farewell, a Writer at Liberty for Liberty UK, and Leverhulme Playwright in Residence and Associate Artist at Bush Theatre. Her work includes the plays Chef, With a Little Bit of Luck, CleanBattleface and the love i feel is red; the poetry collection How You Might Know Me; the literary anthology The Things I Would Tell You: British Muslim Women Write and the BBC shows Breaking the CodeRailway Nation: A Journey In Verse and We Are Here.


Sabrina Mahfouz

Chaired by Alison Tickell, founder, Julie’s Bicycle

16:15 – Closing Remarks

16:30 - ENDS

Open to all conference and artist wristband holders.

If you are not a delegate to the Great Escape but are interested in attending, please email chiara@juliesbicycle.com

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