London Book Fair: 2010 Keynote on Sustainability

Sustainable Publishing: What can we learn from others in the media sector?

What does our industry need to do to be on the path to sustainability in 2020, and what can we learn from colleagues in other parts of the media industry? The event will be chaired by BBC reporter Torrin Douglas, and our very own Director, Alison Tickell will be joining the event to represent the music industry in these discussions.


Many in our industry are now recognising and realising the benefits of focusing upon sustainability, but we still have a long way to go to achieve the reductions that scientists agree are essential by 2050. 2020 is recognised as being a tipping point on this road and mapping out where we need be at this time is vital. As the need to act becomes more urgent, voluntary action is now being surpassed by legislation that will effect our business and supply chains e.g. in South Africa, the National Water Act puts good practise and working with others in our industry on particular initiatives such as sustainable paper purchasing is extremely important, and we have begun taking steps to improve, but there are also lessons we can learn from colleagues in the broader media sector as they grapple with similar challenges and flourish through opportunities. This key note session brings together the publishing, music, newspaper and TV/Film industries to tackle the question of where we need to be by 2020 and share ideas that will help us all make our sector more sustainable.

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Event Details

  • Date 19th April 2010
    1:00pm — 2:00pm


Sustaining Creativity