Webinar: Water Management for Buildings

Did you know that of all the water in the world, only 3% is fresh? And, less than 0.3% is available for human use?

The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries. As our population grows, more and more people are sharing this limited resource.

Water is a critical natural resource and an essential part of the planet’s ecosystem. As a resource within the built environment, it is also notoriously ill-managed.

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  • Date 17th February 2016
    11:00am — 1:00pm
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But, getting wise on water is essential to good business practice and space management - it is often a high and unseen cost. Drawing from a range of sector examples, Julie’s Bicycle will help you to understand different monitoring options as well as a whole host of actions for reduction – from behavioural to technical interventions.

By developing a good understanding of water consumption within your building and implementing a strategy for improvement, you will see reductions in both your water bills and energy bills. Julie’s Bicycle will be joined by expert Steve Green, who is working with us to create the soon-to-be-released ‘Water Management for Buildings’ guide. Steve will be on-hand to answer your questions in a dedicated FAQ section at the end of the webinar.

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