Live Chat: What is a Resilient Museum?

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Wednesday 3rd February 2016, 11.00 (GMT)
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Join us for a Twitter live chat with JB’s Sholeh Johnston (@JuliesBicycle), Kevin Gosling Chief Executive of Collections Trust (@CollectionTrust) and more guests to be announced.

Following on from our webinar The Resilient Museum we’ll be discussing with our panel some of the current developments in the Museums sector that could provide greater opportunities for change in ensuring museums are more resilient and environmentally sustainable. We'll ask our panel:

  • What is the sector excited about in terms of the resilience challenge? 
  • Which aspects of environmental sustainability are being tackled at the moment? What does best practice look like?
  • What support does the sector need to drive efforts to be more resilient?

Kevin Gosling says, “The Museums sector is in a state of flux. Whilst challenging, these conditions also provide fertile ground for opportunity and change. What if we come together as a sector to create the vision of what a resilient museum is and then start to become it."

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