Doing Nothing Is Not An Option, Warwick Arts Centre

A major TippingPoint event in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre and Julies Bicycle exploring the role of the performing arts in leading change and shaping new stories about the present and the future.

Event Details

  • Date 17th June 2016
    10:00am — 19th June 2016 5:00pm
  • Location Warwick Arts Centre
    University of Warwick
    CV4 7AL
  • Phone 024 7652 4524
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Doing Nothing Is Not An Option has been inspired by the global challenge of addressing climate change, and the amazing capacity for innovation, reflection and transformation that the arts and culture are capable of.

The recent COP21 Paris Agreement on climate change was a diplomatic triumph and marked a shift in global consensus, a new era for cooperation and change. It brought together governments, cities, civil society, NGOs, big business and of course the arts and culture, in partnerships and pledges to enable radical carbon reduction and change the public narrative about our relationship with the environment. 

“Let us work together, with renewed commitment, to make this a better world for all.”

– Ban Ki-moon, Closing remarks at UN COP21 Climate Agreement, Paris, December 2015

The Agreement is a start, but the hard work of realising a better world sits with us. So, what's the role of the artist in this grand adventure, and how can the performing arts seize the leadership opportunity in this moment of change?

Over three days #DNNO2016 will being together 200 participants to work, play and eat together. Writers, directors, producers and others, together with climate specialists of all types – will come together to shape new ideas and develop a platform for new creative responses. We'll also enjoy a public festival of climate related performance work.

Delegates will share knowledge, experience and understanding of climate change and will leave feeling affirmed, informed and energised; their horizons broadened, their imaginations enriched and their practice developed. 

DNNO will also launch a round of commissions in partnership with producing organisations from across the country.

Tickets range from £95 - £240. 

A limited number of £100 bursaries are available. Applications can be submitted here – deadline 29 April 2016.

Image courtesy TippingPoint

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