4 Star Triumph For Donmar Warehouse

Excellent work by Donmar Warehouse for achieving their first 4 star Creative Green certification

Donmar Warehouse is a not-for-profit theatre in Covent Garden with an office and workshop space on Dryden Street. It has been awarded a 4 star Creative Green rating in recognition of its commitment to embedding environmental sustainability in its operations and activities, achieving a 5% reduction in its energy emissions. 

This is Donmar Warehouse’s sixth Creative Green certification and the first under the revised methodology and 1-5 star rating introduced in 2016. Under the previous methodology and 1-3 star rating, Donmar Warehouse achieved either a 1 or 2 star rating depending on the year.

Their Creative Green assessment includes the Dryden Street office only and does not include the theatre space.

“The Donmar’s increase to a 4 star award shows the exceptional work that everyone in our organisation has done over the past year. However, we know we cannot afford to be complacent. We want to push ourselves to achieve more than just the ‘easy wins.’ We are at a key point in the life of the Donmar and we are putting sustainability at the heart of the Donmar’s drive and vision. We are encouraging meaningful conversations and actions on sustainability throughout our whole company, and with our audiences, all with the aim of creating a hopeful and more positive future.”

– Rachel Fryer, Administrator

How They Did It


  • Specific green team which meets quarterly ahead of board meetings and is comprised of members of staff from every department in different levels of the organisation.
  • Environmental aims are included in the core business plan.
  • Range of communications utilised e.g. website, social media and physical signage.
  • A range of green products and services are procured e.g.: green tariff electricity tariff, energy efficient white goods, organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Staff have access to the Green Theatre folder on the shared network drive which contains the environmental policy, plan and committee minutes (also included in staff inductions).
  • All staff, production and cast contracts include a clause related to the environmental policy.
  • 'Polar Bear' campaign to promote switching off monitors at the end of the day.
  • 'The Tomorrow Project' paired schools with Donmar practitioners and experts to create performances based on predictions about the future of society.


  • Waste contractor supplies a monthly breakdown of different types of waste. First Mile guarantee a no landfill policy and reports contain a table showing proportion of materials per destination i.e. recycling, anaerobic digestion, and energy from waste incineration.
  • Monitored business travel which mostly comprises taxi travel.
  • Monitors staff commuting. This is the first year Donmar Warehouse has reported on business travel and commuting separately.
  • During 2015, maintenance management of the building moved to an external company who conduct weekly meter readings of electricity, gas and water. BMS system is also monitored to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • Monitored data is cross-referenced with bills.


  • 4.5% decrease in absolute energy emissions between 2014/15 and 2015/16. This reduction is testament to the hard work of the Green Committee and Donmar team.
  • Relative (i.e. per person) energy use and emissions have also decreased by 14 and 18% respectively.
  • Relative water use has remained stable.
  • Water use (per m2) is below the Julie's Bicycle sector average.
  • 65% of waste was recycled of composted.
  • Recycling and composting waste avoided 5 tonnes of CO2e.
Sustaining Creativity