Norwich Theatre Royal Awarded 4 Star Creative Green Certification

A great achievement for Norwich Theatre Royal as they celebrate their four stars success through Creative Green.

Norwich Theatre Royal for many years now has been working to deeply embed environmental sustainability across all aspects of the Theatre. This is their 6th year of doing Creative Green certification (formerly known as IG certification) and are we are thrilled to award the theatre 4-stars for their fantastic sustainability efforts. 

The theatre has been using Creative Green certification as a way to set and guide sustainability priorities and to motivate staff. As Helen Tully, the theatre’s sustainability co-ordinator shared with us:  

“The new Creative Green assessment form is far more than just a process of the certification, it’s a tool for us to use in the coming year. We can use it to engage staff at Green Team meetings, to see where we can gain more points and how we can progress from what we submitted last year. This will give us a good base to work from and focus our attentions on the areas that really need improvement instead of working at what we are already good at.”

“Our Creative Green Certification supports the motivation behind what we do and we are often caught saying ‘That’s a good one for the report!’. It not only focuses our actions throughout the year to ensure we are always improving our environmental work but is a great way to record our successes and achievements.”

– Helen Tully, Front of House Manager and Environmental Champion

How did they achieve this


The theatre has a clear and comprehensive environmental policy articulating the local leadership role of the theatre for demonstrating how environmental impacts can be reduced in practice. Environmental responsibility is well co-ordinated from senior management through to the Green team. The theatre has a dedicated staff member (Helen Tully) charged with overseeing environmental activities.  Each department has specific environmental action plans. There is strong communication and engagement including a Creative Green booklet, information on noticeboards and participation in WWF Earth Hour.


The theatre has put in place very good processes for energy, water and waste monitoring with results regularly shared with staff. The theatre has worked hard to ensure there is not needless waste generated in printing a programme – the theatre tracks the number of left over programmes and this number has been coming down year on year as they more accurately estimate the likely demand for printed programmes. The theatre has run successful staff campaigns encouraging staff to use less paper in the office. 


Electricity use and carbon emissions in absolute and relative terms have been decreasing. This is due primarily to having good energy monitoring in place and investing in energy savings, especially into LED lighting. 

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