4 Star Sensation at Almeida Theatre

Huge congratulations to Almeida Theatre for achieving their first 4 Star Creative Green certification.

The Almeida Theatre makes leading theatre to contribute to and stimulate cultural conversations on the key social, political and environmental issues of our time. One such conversation they are currently taking part in is exploring humanity’s relationship with a finite resource - Oil - through a play of the same name by playwright Ella Hickson and director Carrie Cracknell. It is an new explosive piece following the lives of a mother and daughter through the Oil Age.

Main Photo © Miles Aldridge

Credit: Richard H Smith

For the Almeida Theatre, leading cultural conversations does not start and end on stage: it follows through every creative and practical decision undertaken by the company. This is exemplified by their response to climate change. For over six years the Almeida has been systematically embedding action on climate change into their working practice so that it has become part of the DNA of the company.

The Almeida is an active member of the London Theatre Consortium, a group of 14 producing theatres, working together to support each other to meet the Mayor’s target for a 60% reduction by 2025 and to be aligned with the Paris Agreement for international action on climate change.

“As the international community comes together this month at COP22 to discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement, organisations such as the Almeida Theatre are showing what it is to have #COPtimism. They are bringing together creativity, optimism and action, demonstrating that climate change is an opportunity for us to build a thriving and resilient society that lives within its ecological limits.”  -  Alison Tickell, Julie’s Bicycle.

Credit: Robin Fisher

To signify their commitment and achievement towards this goal the Almeida undertakes Creative Green certification, developed by Julie’s Bicycle for the arts and cultural sector. This year they have been awarded 4 Stars for their outstanding efforts in addressing and engaging others in climate change. The Creative Green certified community demonstrates collective efforts to move towards a zero carbon future.

“We’re delighted to have been awarded a four star Creative Green certification by Julie’s Bicycle. The award is in recognition of the Almeida’s efforts to minimise the environmental impact of employees and productions throughout 2015/16 and the company’s overarching commitment to sustainability.”

“Our most recent production of Ella Hickson’s new play Oil, exploring a mother daughter relationship in the context of the age of oil, demonstrates our commitment to engaging in the cultural conversation around environmental sustainability.”

– Almeida Theatre

How They Did It


The Almeida has reduced energy emissions by 18% per performance since 2010/11. 


The Almeida has a comprehensive environmental policy in place which sets out their commitment to reduce environmental impacts and creatively engage with the issue of climate change. To implement their policy, the Almeida have a detailed environmental action plan with clear objectives and activities assigned to departments and staff in order to improve. They have in place a procurement policy stating their commitment and consideration for selecting suppliers and services with strong environmental credentials. As a result, they procure green energy, energy efficient equipment, have a zero waste-to-landfill contractor, use an eco-car service and green office supplies etc. The Almeida secured a small capital grant from Arts Council England to upgrade the theatre's boiler and install LED lighting, reducing the energy demand and running costs of the theatre. They actively communicate and engage with staff, creative teams and their audiences on their efforts to reduce their environmental impacts and how everyone can help in this effort. In addition, their commissioning of Ella Hickson's Oil is all part of the Almeida's commitment to leading the creative responses to climate change. 


The Almeida monitors environmental impacts such as energy, water, waste and business travel and then uses the evidence from this data gathering to prioritise future actions and galvanise staff. 

Congratulations again to the Almeida Theatre team on your excellent work. We can't wait to see what you get up to next year.

Sustaining Creativity