Upcoming Webinars for NPOs on ACE Environmental Reporting 2016/17

We have two webinars coming up in April for NPOs to help guide you through the Arts Council England Environmental Reporting requirements for 2016/17.

We're approaching the end of the 2016/17 financial year which means its time for NPOs to prepare their Arts Council England environmental reporting requirements.

As always, the team here at JB are on hand to make this process as simple as possible. We can be reached by phone or email five days a week. 

We will be hosting two webinars on Weds 12th and Weds 26th April – to give you the lowdown on the reporting requirements and answer any questions. Sign up to the webinars below.

Each webinar will cover the following:

- Environmental reporting requirements for 2016/17 

- The process of reporting 

- Creative IG Tools demo

Environmental Reporting Requirements for 2016/17

We know that creative organisations come in different shapes and sizes and each will have different environmental impacts – from energy and water, to business travel and touring.  

The 2016/17 reporting requirements have been tailored to suit each organisation individually, taking into account an organisation's size, scope and activities.

Your individual reporting requirements are listed in your Funding Agreement Conditions section 2.6.1.

Check out the environmental reporting FAQs

Deadline for Environmental Reporting data to be submitted is 31 May 2017.

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