Beyond The Hour

Julie’s Bicycle present: Beyond The Hour, a top ten list of achievable actions to keep the spirit of Earth Hour going beyond the 25th of March

As businesses and organisations across the globe switch off for the tenth anniversary of WWF’s Earth Hour, an annual global celebration where people switch off their lights for one hour, the Julie’s Bicycle team, also in their tenth year, have dug through their library to come up with Beyond The Hour: a top ten list of actions and cultural activities people and organisations can action to become more aware, inspired, reduce energy consumption and support renewable energy.

“Earth Hour is a fine example of how cities can play a key role in activating change. At Julie’s Bicycle we believe it is critical to amplify urgency and demonstrate good practice in order to embed environmental sustainability; and these simple steps from our knowledge-base can provide simple action points to maintain momentum.”

– Alison Tickell, CEO Julie's Bicycle

Beyond The Hour Actions

1. Understand the carbon footprint resulting from your energy use by using the Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tools and use the findings to inform your energy reduction strategy.  

2. Switch your energy to a 100% renewable energy provider (e.g. Good Energy) or a ‘green tariff’ electricity from your current provider. If your landlord has control, ask them to switch. Consider joining forces with other tenants for joint energy procurement.

3. Visit Ferens Art Gallery and Hull Maritime Museum for their major new exhibition Offshore: artists explore the sea. As part of Hull UK City of Culture the exhibition is curated by Invisible Dust from 1 April until 28 August 2017. The exhibition examines people’s relationship to the oceans as a source of food, energy, a dumping ground for waste and the reference point for many haunting and significant myths.

4. Do a torchlight gremlin energy waste audit to identify what lighting, electrical and IT equipment is on, but can be off. Take a meter reading last thing at night and first thing in the morning – this is your overnight usage of which most will be waste. Run a staff switch-off campaign – reward those switching off. Take follow-up readings to measure the savings.

5. Check your heating and cooling program are appropriately set – maximize the band between heating and cooling.

6. Set IT and office equipment to energy-saving mode - automatic shutdowns and plug timers can help. 

7. Install energy-efficient bulbs or LEDs.

8. Read Neil Astlev’s Earth Shattering: ecopoems. Over two-hundred poems addressing environmental destruction and ecological balance. 

9. Engage your audiences in making energy part of the programming. For example SolarSoundSystem is a portable solar-powered sound system with hubs and solidarity projects across the globe - it was most recently spotted at Somerset House for Space to Breathe with Jarvis Cocker at the DJ controls. 

10. Transport also uses energy: use cycle couriers for small local deliveries, use public transport wherever possible, and introduce a Cycle To Work scheme. 

To share actions with Julie’s Bicycle on Twitter: @juliesbicycle using #COPtimism 

To show you want action on climate change, sign up to Earth Hour at

Image: Buckingham Palace light writing courtesy of WWF

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