Three Star Industry Green Awarded to Shambala Festival

In it's third year of Industry Green Certification Shambala Festival rejoins Lyric Hammersmith, Reading Festival and Latitude Festival as the only cultural organisations to hold three star status.

We are pleased to announce that Shambala has achieved a three star Industry Green rating for the 2012 festival, the highest possible achievement for Industry Green.

This is the third Industry Green report for Shambala Festival, and represents a return to three stars after a momentary drop to two stars in 2011.

Shambala have reduced theiremissions from energy, water and waste by 6% compared to a 2011 baseline. In comparison to the baseline year for Shambala of 2009, this is an overall reduction of 71% per audience day, an incredible achievement.

In order to accomplish these reductions, Shambala have implemented a variety of initiatives as well as maintaining and improving schemes already in place. They have committed to measuring audience, crew and contractor travel, which goes beyond the scope of Industry Green assessment.Every contractor is vetted, and every food supplier has to complete a sustainability checklist, which includes sustainability criteria that are essential for the supplier to meet.

32% of festival goers chose to off-set their carbon emissions from car travel which covered 21% of the total miles travelled. Offset funds went to support Tree Aid and Triodos Bank.

For further information on how Shambala achieved their three star rating you can visit their website.

Julie’s Bicycle developed and administers Industry Green. The free online tools, and the certification process are available to any cultural organisation and more information can be found here. If you would like more information about how Industry Green could work for your organisation then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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