Life Cycle of Plastics

The second of 'tear down' workshops with The Great Recovery brought us to Closed Loop in Dagenham where the focus was on plastics.

Nick Cliffe from Closed Loop was a fount of knowledge giving us a generous overview of the opportunities and challenges of plastics recycling. He brought us on a tour of the facility where we got to watch the process in action, get up close with the materials and see the life cycle of plastics.

We learned about Closed Loops including an example in development of a recyclable plastic cup for venues to use so the material can be used over and over again. It gave us an idea of the opportunities to intervene in the marketplace and stretch our thinking beyond the obvious.

Melinda Watson from the Raw Foundation gave us a fascinating insight into the hidden layer of plastics and toxicity, how it enters our food chain, changing the biology of the animals we consume and therefore entering our systems.

After lunch we jumped into the four Design models of Circularity where we started thinking about opportunities to apply it to our own work. There was a focus on packaging and how to investigate ways to become more efficient with it's uses. Ideas of minimal packaging, packaging collection reusing systems with a large emphasis on locality, community, cooperatives, bulk buying and food assemblies.

There's still time to sign up to our E-Waste Workshop and Circularity Showcase at FabLab on the 18th of November as part of our Sustaining Creativity Programme.

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