Praxis: Culture and Sustainability: Speakers Announcement

Culture and Sustainability, 28th January, Wysing Arts Centre

Julie's Bicycle has teamed up with Cambridge Junction and Wysing Arts Centre to bring you a day of talks, performances and workshops focused on culture and sustainability.

Bringing together thinkers, artists and innovators, we will explore the new ways of working that are shaping a more sustainable future for the arts and culture with spotlights on: working internationally, materials and suppliers, skills sharing economies, and how 'green' digital technology really is.

Throughout the day there will be performances and a practical action planning workshop.

Speakers include:

Laura Billings: Trade School London, Civic Systems Lab

Jane Penty: Practicing designer and educator, BA Product Design, Central Saint Martins

Diana Simpson Hernandez: Designer, Golondrina Design, SustainRCA Alumna

Donna Lynas: Artistic Director, Wysing Arts Centre

Angharad Wynne-Jones: Creative Producer, Arts House, Melbourne, Australia

Daniel Brine: Director, Cambridge Junction

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