Sustaining Great Art: Mid-term Results Released Today

The mid-term results of our three-year partnership with Arts Council England.

Today sees the release of Sustaining Great Art, the mid-term report of a three-year partnership between Julie's Bicycle and Arts Council England.

Using data collected from over 490 organisations via our Creative Industry Green Tools, the report identifies a 6.3% decrease in carbon emissions in 2013/14 (compared to 2012/13), representing a saving of 7,063 tonnes CO2e or £1.25 million. The carbon saved would fill the Royal Albert Hall 47 times over. This was achieved despite 16% more cultural activity during the same period – proof that we can grow the vibrancy and reach of our creative community without increasing our impact on the planet.

The report details how organisations are rapidly increasing the breadth and depth of their engagement with environmental sustainability, both in terms of carbon savings and artistic work on the issue. Environmental action has brought financial gains and positive reputational impacts to over half of participating organisations, and as they align sustainability to their core values many are seeing an improvement in team morale and wellbeing as a result. All of these benefits point towards environmental action contributing significantly to the resilience of the arts and culture.

A small but significant number of organisations have acted with ambitious vision, innovation and a desire to take a leadership role. Their work has the potential to generate and galvanise deeper systemic change, and over the next three years Julie's Bicycle will work more closely with them to amplify and extend their achievements, knowledge and experience.

The final results of the three-year programme will be published in 2015. We have recently agreed a new three-year partnership with the Arts Council to 2018, and we will continue to work with them to place environmental sustainability at the centre of England's creative community.

Image: Arts Council Environmental Reporting: Year 2, 2013/14

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