Book Launch: Playing for Time

JB have contributed to a new publication launched at Free Word Centre in March

Julie's Bicycle have contributed to a wonderful new publication, Playing for Time, which launched on the 26th March at the Free Word Centre with a giant cake (homemade by the author) and speeches from contributors as far reaching as Australia (via video).

The project is the brainchild of lead author Lucy Neal - writer, thinker, artist, facilitator, connector and founder of LIFT, amongst other accolades. After four years in the making, the book brings together a multitude of voices and perspectives on the role of creativity in transition.

Sixty experienced artists and activists contributed, aiming to establish a 'new' narrative sewn together with a balanced dose of pragmatic optimism. It seeks to shift values away from consumerism and commodity towards community and collaboration with imagination, humour, ingenuity, empathy and skill. It identifies collaborative arts practices emerging in response to planetary challenges, re-articulating the role of artists in the community as truth-tellers and agents of change.

In Lucy's own words, "the book's been described so far as a manifesto, a bible, a work of art, a fantastic achievement, a treasure box, a hand-book for life."

It seeks to empower people - artists, community activists and anyone interested in becoming an agent for change in the world - by joining the dots between key drivers of change – in energy, finance, climate change, food and community resilience – and offering 'recipes for action'. These examples of tools, resources and approaches that can support and inform meaningful action (including a piece from Julie's Bicycle on 'Doing Sustainability') ensure that the book isn't just fodder for discussion, but inspiration for actual change too.

“"The planetary challenges we face are extreme but our collective creative energies to live within limits are infinite,I think we can look forward in confidence to more gatherings, inspired by the book and its recipes for creative action." ”

– Lucy Neal

We wholeheartedly agree!

Sustaining Creativity