One Star for Newcomers Vector Arena

Congratulations to Vector Arena for their very first Creative Industry Green certification

Julie's Bicycle is very happy to welcome Vector Arena as the latest addition to the Creative Industry Green cohort. Huge congratulations to the New Zealand based venue for taking the first step in achieving environmental best practice and gaining its first Industry Green star!

Vector Arena is off to a fantastic start with carbon reduction, managing to reduce its energy related emissions by 5% in just one year and its water related emissions by nearly 8%. Vector Arena is developing an in-depth understanding of its main environmental impacts, monitoring and managing its energy, water, waste and business travel. In addition, each department at Vector Arena has its own environmental strategy to continue its environmental management and impact reduction.

Vector Arena has worked hard to actively engage its team, audiences and supply chain and is in the process of creating a Green Team which will include staff from all departments. "Saving the earth one bin at a time", Vector Arena has focused its attention on landfill prevention by creating eye-catching and understandable recycling units so that audiences and employees are compelled to separate their waste appropriately. As well as waste reduction, Vector Arena is also developing its understanding of the goods and services entering the organisation and is rolling out a sustainable procurement policy, covering everything from IT to catering.

The Vector Arena team has lots of exciting plans moving forward and we look forward to learning about their progress next year.


Sustaining Creativity