JB at Festival of Thrift 2015

JB's Chiara will be in Darlington at this year's Festival of Thrift to take part in the BIG TALK on Ingenuity in Culture and Regeneration on Saturday 26th September.

The Festival of Thrift is a cultural celebration for the people of the North East, the UK and beyond, where people can find the fun in learning how to reuse, recycle and upcycle, saving both money and benefiting the environment. It first took place in 2013, and last year welcomed 40,000 visitors.

The Festival of Thrift was a winner for the 2015 Arts and Culture Observer Ethical Awards in the category Arts and Culture for its celebration of thrift and frugal living.

In 2015 the Festival of Thrift will be celebrating the 190th anniversary of the first passenger steam train (between Stockton and Darlington), and presenting thought provoking art, interactive entertainment, workshops, an array of tasty homemade food, fabulous stalls selling upcycled, recycled and second-hand goods, activities, crafting, music and tips and advice. THE BIG TALKS are inspiring and informative discussions on creating a sustainable future.

Ingenuity in Culture and Regeneration

What does a sustainable future look like? What kinds of partnerships do we need to create the towns and cities we want to live in and work in together? Darlington will be part of the Tees Valley Bid for Capital of Culture 2025 – the 200th anniversary of the world’s first passenger steam railway, the beginnings of sustainable transport. How can we ensure our journey is one that galvanises change, looks to the future and makes the most of our heritage?

Stella Hall, Festival Director, talks to Alistair Hudson, Director of mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) and Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle who share our vision of a creative community with sustainability at its heart and whose mission is to provide the inspiration, expertise and resources to make that happen.

Saturday, 26th September, 2pm - 3pm. Free entry.


Sustaining Creativity