Creative IG Cert Splash for The Old Vic

The Old Vic joins the ranks of IG certified organisations and achieves two stars in its first year.

The Old Vic has achieved a fantastic two stars in its first ever Creative Industry Green certification – huge congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this success.

The Old Vic is committed to creating an environmentally and socially responsible theatre and has been working hard with its different stakeholder groups to realise this aim through awareness-raising, education and policy.

They are dedicated to working with environmentally conscious suppliers by including environmental criteria within its supplier selection process. The Old Vic’s Sustainability Policy outlines its commitment to working with British, local and independent suppliers wherever possible, investing in sustainable businesses which share the same values.

Environmental sustainability was also a core component of the design and planning for the new café and bar operation which provides locally-produced, seasonal food and drink wherever possible. In addition, bar consumables and takeaway containers are designed from recycled materials and can also be recycled once used.

The Old Vic has been involving all its team in reducing the theatre’s environmental impact, engaging staff on waste management and recycling through colourful signage and increased recycling bins across the site. It has also been providing additional collection points, encouraging staff to recycle WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), batteries and toner cartridges. The technical team has also been investigating ways to minimise production waste by reusing costumes and accessories as well as hosting costume sales for its team and taking any non-reusable clothing to charity shops.

The Old Vic includes green messaging on all of its programmes to inform audiences that the paper is sustainably sourced and using vegetable-based inks. Theatregoers are also encouraged to recycle their programmes and The Old Vic has removed their foil logo to allow for this. The Old Vic also created an alternative eco-Christmas tree using woollen strings and an energy-efficient chandelier which was newly installed during the September 2015 refurbishment.

The Old Vic has demonstrated in-depth understanding of its energy impacts by using automated half-hourly electricity data from smart meters using recycling contractor First Mile, which provides monthly reports of waste composition and treatment.

They have reduced its energy related emissions by 6.5%, per performance between 2013/14 and 2014/15. Over the same time period it has also reduced water and wastewater emissions by 7.8% and waste emissions by 3.9% per performance. These reductions in energy result from building improvements such as lagging pipes to reduce heat loss, installing TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) and LED lights, adding controls such as occupancy sensors and improving staff awareness of energy efficiency. The Old Vic has also been working closely with staff to improve the waste management culture, encouraging employees to reduce, reuse and recycle such items as costumes and set.

The Old Vic is planning a range of exciting environmental initiatives and developments so watch this space – we can’t wait to learn about your achievements next year!


Sustaining Creativity