Lambeth Country Show’s Three Star Debut

Lambeth Country Show has stormed the IG world with three stars in its first ever certification.

Lambeth Country Show is a summertime two day festival, set in Brockwell Park, London. It hosts a huge array of music and entertainment celebrating the best of the city and countryside. This is Lambeth Country Show’s first ever Creative Industry Green certification and its three star award attests to its fantastic commitment to environmental best practice.

All the staff and crew working or volunteering at Lambeth Country Show are educated on the environmental initiatives on-site e.g. recycling infrastructure and reusable water bottles. As well as engaging with its staff and volunteers, Lambeth has done an exceptional job at working with its suppliers and concessions. All stall holders are required to pay a ‘green bond’ which encourages them to use recyclable and compostable materials, not to leave vehicles on site during the event, and to remove all waste from their pitch. Lambeth Country Show worked with London Bio Packaging to create a recommended list of products and discounts for recyclable PET cups for the bars and compostable plates and cutlery for all food traders. 

The Show has also been focusing on raising awareness of issues connecting healthy and sustainable food options and has been educating traders on how they can have a positive impact. Stall holders and food traders were sent details of the sustainable food trader award and green pledge when the pitches were confirmed. All food traders were entered into the sustainable food trader award judged by Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, a representative from the Lambeth Food Partnership and the Mayor. Winners received the prize of a free pitch at next year’s show, a certificate, and were photographed with the Mayor and congratulated on the Love Lambeth Blog and Lambeth Council social media channels. 

Lambeth Country Show is measuring six sources of environmental impact, covering: energy, water, waste, audience travel, deliveries travel and catering. It has reduced its overall emissions, comprising energy, water and waste, by 9.7% (per audience opening hour) between 2014 and 2015; and has increased its percentage of waste going to recycling by 13% over the same time period. Its achievements in improved efficiency result from rationalising number of generators and more efficient design of energy infrastructure across the site. It also included a ban on bottled water in crew and production areas and a cup deposit scheme to reduce the amount of waste produced.

Lambeth Country Show's Ecozone engages its audience and community in a wide variety of environmental issues, showcasing organisations such as: British Ecological Society, Food Education Foundation, Lambeth Cyclists, London Beekeepers' Association and London Wildlife Trust.

The Show's aim to make 2015 the ‘greenest year yet’ was communicated to audiences via social media and various newsletters. 

We have hugely enjoyed working with Lambeth Country Show and can't wait to see how they get on next year! 


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