Practical Guide: Communicating Sustainability

A guide designed to support communications professionals and ‘green’ champions to communicate environmental activities and achievements effectively to a diverse range of stakeholders.

This guide will help communications professionals learn how to build a stronger brand by communicating their organisation's sustainability activities. It will help sustainability champions learn how to better engage your communications colleagues on taking action. It will give you the structure, insights and principles needed to develop external sustainability communications for your own unique situation.

We would like to thank David Willans for writing this guide. David Willans is a sustainability communicator. He spent nine years with Futerra, growing the business from a team of eight to a multinational business with offices in three countries and is now Director of Ogilvyearth, where he advises global brands. Alongside this he works with SMEs helping them define use their values to grow their businesses in happier, healthier and more effective ways.

  • 18 pages
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  • Language: English
  • Published: 2015

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