Commuting Survey Template

This template is an example of a staff travel survey you can use to get an understanding of your organisational travel habits, so you can develop your 'greener' travel plan.

An effective ‘greener’ travel plan starts with an understanding of what type of travel your organisation currently relies on. This will range from commuting, business trips and delivery services. Hold an annual commuting survey to get an idea on how far your staff/team are traveling to get to work and their mode of transportation. This should give you a percentage breakdown of the different transport modes for comparison year on year.

The important information you need to collect is:

  • The mode of travel
  • The distance traveled
  • For car journeys, include the number of people in the car

You can collate this data in carbon calculators such as the Julie’s Bicycle free Creative IG Tools to measure the annual carbon impact of your staff travel.


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