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  • Cop out or climate winner? Adapted by Jane Burston from the original by Dr Adam Bumpus
  • An outline of the different energy procurement options available to creative businesses, including information on green tariffs, joint procurement opportunities and government initiatives.
  • The Untapped Savings
  • Introducing sustainable sets and structures
  • For the record, we must change the system
  • A summary of the facts that explain how climate change is taking place and what the potential impacts could be if we don't start to mitigate our dependance on fossil fuels.
  • Putting a price on what we can't always see
  • Solving our climate and oil woes?
  • Up in air or out to sea? Tristan Smith, University College London Energy Institute
  • Snacking on emissions
  • If you're releasing a CD take a moment to learn how you can create a green product that will not only look great, but also communicate your environmental commitment to fans and music industry peers alike.
  • When working from home your energy use influences your business environmental impacts. This guide shows you how you can green your home and bring down your footprint.
  • A guide for the Performing Arts, providing environmental guidance for touring European theatre companies and venues, available in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese. (2011)
  • How to engage your supply chain in greening the industry, and create market demand for green products.
  • A guide on how to engage you audiences with your environmental commitments.
  • Your team are the key to the success of greening your business. Here's some advice on how to get them engaged!
  • A guide to why rechargeable batteries are just as reliable as disposables, and 32 times more environmentally friendly.
  • Audience travel is the single greatest contributor to the carbon footprint of the arts; this guide offers advice on how to start reducing the impact.
  • A practical and basic guide for orchestras, that addresses the environmental impacts of the work they do: from office-based work to marketing and rehearsals.
  • The Green Music Guide is a ‘how-to’ for music companies and individuals interested in greening their activities: from touring to offices, recording studios to festivals. It is part of the Mayor of London's series of Green Creative Industry Guides for London.
  • The latest addition to the Mayor of London's series of Green Creative Industry Guides for London, the Green Visual Arts Guide is a ‘how-to’ for visual arts organisations, individuals and galleries interested in greening their activities.
  • Research undertaken by JB on behalf of AIM and BPI. Switching to digital delivery of music promotional releases across the independent music sector would save 1,525 tonnes of CO2 annually – a reduction of 86%. (2010)
  • A collection of personal reflections about art, artists and climate change
  • A guide for anyone in the theatre industry offering practical and effective ways to reduce energy use and make theatres greener, while also saving money. Authored by the Mayor of London's Culture Office.
  • A guide for film and television on reducing emissions, authored by the Mayor of London's Culture Office.
Sustaining Creativity