Top Tips: Dance

Not sure where to start? Check out our top ten tips on environmental sustainability for organisations, designers, venues, and companies working in dance.

How to start making a positive difference by transforming the way you work.

1. Calculate the impacts of your tours, productions, venues and offices using the Creative IG Tools

2. Define your aims in an environmental policy and action plan or, if you're a freelancer or designer, an environmental statement of practice.

3. Find ways of greening your productions and performances, addressing impact areas from lighting design to how you construct your sets - and what happens to everything at the end of a run of shows.

4. Running a venue? Be more efficient about energy and water use and learn how to manage waste more sustainably in your building.

5. Be greener and savvier about where and how you get your materials, costumes, props, merchandise, catering, and other creative supplies.

6. Be energy and water efficient and reduce waste in your office and dance studios.

7. Taking a dance production on the road? Reduce the environmental impact of your touring.

8. Include green clauses in your riders if you're touring, or briefing packs for incoming productions and tours if you're a venue or event.

9. Encourage your audiences to travel to your performances more sustainably.

10. Show your commitment to environmental sustainability and join a creative community actively working on reducing its impacts: get Creative Green certification for your office or venue.

Sustaining Creativity