Top Tips: Literature

How to start making a positive difference by transforming the way you work.

1. Calculate the impacts of your offices, author tours, venues, and festivals using the Creative IG Tools.

2. Define your aims in an environmental policy and action plan for your company, venue, event, or publication.

3. Green your publishing: consider your choice of printer, paper, inks, binding, and even design.

4. Stay up to date with developments in the environmental impact of print vs. digital debate.

5. Be energy and water efficient and reduce waste in your office.

6. Encourage your audiences to travel to your literary events and readings more sustainably.

7. Draw inspiration from others: keep informed about how other literary organisations are going greener.

8. Running a venue? Be more efficient about energy and water use and smarter about waste management.

9. Reach out to and form partnerships with environmental organisations to build climate change knowledge within the literary sector and support your authors and writers where necessary.

10. Show your commitment to environmental sustainability and join a creative community actively working on reducing its impacts: get Creative Green Certification for your office, studio, venue, or festival.

Sustaining Creativity