Webinar: Communicating Sustainability

This webinar recording focuses on the importance of communicating sustainability through your organisation or art practice.

This webinar is designed to help communications professionals in the arts to effectively communicate environmental activities and achievements to a diverse range of stakeholders.

This webinar covers:

  • An introduction to the new guide
  • Highlights the key issues of climate change
  • Makes the case for the impact culture can have on sustainability
  • Includes a Q&A with attendees from the day

Hosted by Sholeh Johnston and Presented by David Willans.

[Please note there were some minor technical issues with the recording of this Webinar.]

In some parts there is an issue with the audio quality of David Willans' mic. There are subtitles accompanying the video so you will be able to pick up what is being said via the transcription.

You can view the full presentation slides by clicking on the link below the video.


Sustaining Creativity