Webinar: Fit for the Future - Investing in Environmentally Sustainable Buildings

A Webinar to launch our new guide for directors and managers of arts organisations developing capital projects.

This Webinar was produced to coincide with the launch of the new guide Julie's Bicycle has developed on behalf of Arts Council England. Fit for the Future Guide: Investing in Environmentally Sustainable Buildings, aims to create an understanding of and provide guidance on:

  • how capital projects can create more environmentally sustainable arts buildings and the benefits this can bring
  • integrating environmental sustainability in the process of developing capital projects
  • tracking the environmental sustainability outcomes of capital projects and buildings’ environmental performance.

The webinar aims to be an introductory session on understanding how arts buildings can be more environmentally sustainable, to introduce the new guide and highlight key issues that arts organisations should consider when developing capital projects.

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Fit for the Future_ Investing in Environmentally Sustainable Buildings from Julie's Bicycle on Vimeo.

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