We offer bespoke consultancy packages on all aspects of greening your organisation.

Examples of Recent Projects:

Days are only for guidance only as the actual days was dependent on the requirements of the individual projects.

Energy Savings Assessment

•    Quantifying the energy and carbon savings achieved after a capital investment programme to improve the energy efficiency of a theatre. The work involved an analysis of energy data before and after the investment, which was delivered as a report and briefing to the client of the findings and recommendations for next steps. 

Days estimate: 3-5 days.

Building Energy Audits

•    Building energy audits to identify and cost energy saving opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of the building. The work involved a site tour with facilities staff member and at least 1-year of energy consumption information.

Days estimate: 3 - 5 days.

Carbon footprint of presenting artistic work

•    Assessing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with creating, moving, presenting and breaking down an artistic work. The project involved working with the client to collect all relevant data needed to calculate the carbon footprint. A report is prepared setting out the findings and of the analysis with recommendations for improvement. 

Days estimated: 3-10 days. 

Strategy Review

•    A strategy report assessing the environmental improvement progress of a theatre consortium over five years. The work involved analysing the Creative Green certifications of each theatre over five years as well as gathering insights through a survey and gathering information about the green campaigns, initiatives and procurement being undertaken at each.

Days estimate: 10 days.

Environmental Policy and Action Plan

•    Preparation of an environmental policy and action plan designed to the specific situation of the organisation. The work involves working with the client to understand what the organisation is wanting to achieve and focus on through a policy and action plan.

Days estimate: 2 - 10 days.

Training Workshops

•    Running full and half day workshops for organisations to explore and engage on relevant sustainability topics such as developing staff environmental engagement campaigns; exploring how to run a sustainable event, building or production;   and understanding government compliance and voluntary environmental schemes. The work involves working with the client to design the event; booking venue and speakers; and then inviting participants and the running of the workshop. After the event clients can opt to have report pulling together the outcomes of the session and making next step recommendations.

Days estimate: 2 - 10 days.

Whether you are trying to achieve or translate a specific standard, save money through energy efficiency, communicate your achievements, or need specific guidance on a niche issue, our team of experts can help.

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