Creative IG Tools

Free online carbon and environmental calculators to record and understand your venue, office, tour, production, event or festival’s environment impacts. In completing the IG Tools is the first step towards being awarded Creative Green certification.

The free Creative Industry Green Tools are used by more than 2,000 arts and cultural organisations worldwide. Join your peers in measuring and acting on your environmental impacts. In using the Tools you will evidence your improvements over time. 

The Creative IG Tools provide you with everything you need to measure the carbon impacts of your:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste and recycling
  • Transport and travel
  • Production materials

...enabling you to:

  • Understand your environmental impacts
  • Create effective management strategies
  • Work towards Creative Green certification

Part of the Creative Green certification.

The Creative IG Tools are:

  • Free to use
  • Tailored to your sector
  • Internationally applicable

Results Outputs

In numbers and charts you will see for each entry:

•    Carbon footprint from energy, water, waste and transport

•    Your electricity supplier’s energy mix and emissions

•    Water consumption

•    Waste generation

In your account you will be able to keep all past records and reports to compare progress over time. This will keep all your data organised.

There are five Tools available:

  • Festivals and outdoor events
  • Venues and cultural buildings
  • Offices
  • Productions
  • Tours
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