Creative Green

Join the cultural transformation putting environmental sustainability at the heart of how the arts value the natural world.

Creative Green

What your organisation does on climate change matters - Creative Green your venue, festival, outdoor event and office shows you how.  

Creative Green is a certification providing creative organisations with a systematic, achievable and inspiring approach to environmental sustainability. It emphasises the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at its heart to align with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement reached at COP21 in 2015 to keep global temperatures at well below 2 degrees of warming.

What is Creative Green?

It is an environmental certification scheme specifically designed for the creative sector. It is available for venues, festivals, outdoor events and offices.

The purpose is threefold:

  • Recognise commitment and achievement
  • Track progress overtime
  • Inspire organisations to do more

The certification uses a point-scoring system to assess environmental:

  • Commitment
  • Understanding
  • Improvement

One to five star certification is awarded based on the number of total points awarded in the assessment. It is highly recommended Creative Green be renewed annually.

Creative Green is compatible with, and complimentary to, other environmental certification schemes including BS8901, ISO20121, ISO14001 and the Carbon Trust Standard.

What is the Value of Being Certified?

The power of Creative Green is that it provides your organisation with independence, integrity and confidence on its commitment and action to environmental sustainability.

The methodology of Creative Green follows best practice and international standards for measurement, reporting and reduction of environmental impacts. It has been designed with scientific rigour and in partnership with arts, cultural and entertainment organisations.

The certification process and star scoring system is completely transparent to ensure award assessment is independent and comparable. From March 2016 the certification is a one to five star award based on a point-scoring system. Previously the certification was a one to three star award. 

There is a Creative Green Advisory Group made up of four experts in environmental measurement, certification and corporate responsibility. Catherine Bottrill, Phil Cumming, Simon Elam and Paula Owen currently sit on the group and meet twice a year to review and advise on methodology updates.

Over 200 certifications have been awarded since its first development in 2009 - see who is currently certified.

How Do I Become Certified?

There are four straightforward steps to certification:

STEP 1: Submit the registration form and have an introduction to the process with your Assessor.

STEP 2: Complete the assessment form, IG Tools, submit your environmental policy and action plan.

STEP 3: One to one session with your assessor to review submitted information and opportunity to answer outstanding queries. 

STEP 4: Receive your Creative Green certificate and report. Session with your assessor to go through the results.

We guarantee the certification process will take no longer than three months to complete as long as data is provided and queries answered promptly.

Note: so we can guarantee a three month certification process you will be assessed on available information. If this is incomplete it may affect the amount of points you can accrue, and thus your star rating.

Your certification will be valid for 12 months after it has been awarded.

Registation Deadline Dates

To ensure your certification process is as efficient as possible we ask you chose one of the following start dates in 2016:

1st May
1st June
1st July
1st August
1st September
1st October


Please register before your chosen start date. We recommend you register as close as possible to after your year end reporting period so your certification is current.

For arts organisations required to comply with Arts Council Environmental Reporting note you only need to complete the IG Tools once. We recommend registering concurrently with your Arts Council England reporting to minimise staff-time.

For entry into the Creative Green Awards we can only support organisations starting 1st September or before, and it is dependent on information being submitted promptly so your certification can be processed in time to be judged for the Awards taking place in November 2016.

Benefits of Joining the Creative Green Community

Creative Green is more than a certification scheme its is about building a community of collective action to ensure the Creative Sector is achieving its commitment and responsibility to reduce environmental impacts.

The benefit of being part of Creative Green is that it provides your organisation with the mechanism and forum for recognition, celebration, inspiration and learning so the arts, cultural and entertainment sector can fully realise its potential to support a cultural transformation embracing environmental sustainability.

As a member of the Creative Green community you will:

  • Receive a quarterly Creative Green bulletin with case studies and certification updates.
  • Be automatically entered in the Creative Green Awards to celebrate excellence (the inaugural Awards will be November 2016).
  • Invited to attend Creative Green workshops to share experience and ideas with peers as well as get up to date on the bigger picture.


The standard fee per certification is £1,250 + vat. Discounts apply for small organisations and for multiple certifications.

This fee includes the certification, report, bulletin, awards entry and workshop attendance. 

Getting Started...

Get in touch with us to register or find out more:

Creative Industry Green costs are subject to revision. Last updated in March 2016.

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