​alice is a call for the new leadership we need.

alice is a movement of people – women, men, and from all walks of life – frustrated by leadership characterised by self-interest, competition, force and short-termism. We aspire to a leadership that is collegiate, distributed and generous, and has the ambition to find collective and durable solutions to the urgent social and environmental challenges we face.

alice aspires to a leadership that is

  • ambitious in its goals, but modest in temperament
  • diverse and inclusive
  • confident and compassionate
  • fierce without force
  • attentive and open-minded
  • puts purpose before the person
  • reflective and committed to learning

alice will take action to

  • support established and emerging leaders to embrace alice leadership values
  • recognise and reward alice leadership wherever it may be, regardless of status, platform or profile
  • speak out publicly where leadership is failing

alice’s doors are open to all who aspire to this new leadership

Julie’s Bicycle is a co-founder of alice with Meteos. 

Find out more or join us on the alice website

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