2015 - 18 Programme

Our new programme will have a focus on leadership and will see a nationwide programme of workshops, webinars, resources and leadership dialogues.

The arts and culture are ideally placed to lead on environmental sustainability against a backdrop of increasing urgency to act on climate change. With creativity and inspiration we can challenge preconceptions, drive change and champion a greener economy and lifestyle.

The vision of this partnership is to support the arts in embedding, owning and leading on sustainability and the generation of knowledge and best practice to develop a sustainable sector.

Over the next three years we envision:

  • 'Best practice' embedded in the arts and culture and established 'new norms' of working and commissioning.
  • Consistent and visible environmental action in both organisations, key stakeholders and audiences.
  • A cultural sector that is engaged with the wider sustainability opportunities such as the circular economy, sustainable production, renewable energy the digital economy, understanding of scale and developed data literacy.

Our programme until 2018 will focus on leadership, stretching the ambition of the sector as a whole. We are calling upon board level and senior leadership to champion these efforts at a strategic level and will shine spotlights on organisations who are leading the way.

Our tailored programme of activities includes:

  • National workshops across England.
  • Help desk support to grant holders.
  • Facilitation and hosting of national and other networks, peer exchange or similar.
  • Webinars.
  • Sector specific case studies.
  • Online "funding watch" resource.
  • Advocacy.
  • Audits / Evaluations.
  • Mentoring.

Leadership Development

“We want the arts and cultural sector in this country to take a lead in making the world a more sustainable, responsible and equitable place and to transform itself into a low-carbon, sustainable and resilient sector.​”

– Arts Council England

Arts Council England have formally recognised the sustainability ambitions of a small number of organisations with ambitious plans that would contribute to this change in their Funding Agreements.

This work is both to support our leaders in developing their voice and advocacy on this issue in the sector, and also to work with them to develop the national conversation around environmental sustainability. This work champions 'best practice', inspires by doing, and generates strategic dialogues.

This initial group is not exclusive, and is a starting point to a growing community of organisations and companies demonstrating outstanding leadership as we go forward. Working with this group and others, we will generate a high level of rethinking, commitment and change in the steps to securing a sustainable sector

Stories of Change

We've been collecting inspiring stories and case studies about the ideas and thought-provoking action that other organisations are using to make the way they present, produce, and tour art more environmentally sustainable.

These case studies not only celebrate 'best practice' but also establish 'new norms' of practice in the steps towards a sustainable sector.

Knowledge Sharing and Community Building

We are committed to facilitating and hosting a range of national events, networks, peer exchange and similar to share the vast range of environmental expertise and experience now hot-housed within the sector.

By sharing knowledge across the sector we can build a strong community and rapidly scale up workable solutions and approaches to sustainability. Networks represent a powerful mechanism to share good practice, provide peer support and foster local leadership. We currently work with networks such as MAST (Manchester Arts Sustainability Team), Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues, London Theatre Consortium and Powerful Thinking, and will be providing opportunities for other cultural networks, associations and representative agencies to connect and learn about collaborative approaches to tackling sustainability, and enabling change at scale.


We have developed a range of resources to support your journey to sustainability. Our sector specific practical guides and factsheets will take your through the practicalities in greening your organisation and artistic work. The bespoke webinars will offer training on specific topics with the opportunity for discussion and Q&As with Julie's Bicycle and other expert colleagues across the sector.

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