The largest energy awareness campaign in the history of the European music event industry.

EE MUSIC is a European initiative pushing forward an energy efficient and sustainable energy culture for music events and music event production in 27 countries.

EE MUSIC is inspiring leadership within the sector and building capacity to take action through a range of free events, workshops, training, online resources and tools on energy management aimed specifically at the nature and needs of the music event sector across live music, club nights, venues, and festivals.

Based on the Julie's Bicycle Creative IG Tools, the EE MUSIC IG Tools will be made available in 7 new languages: German, French, Polish, Latvian, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Portuguese.

The EE MUSIC web platform hosts case studies on innovative and practical energy management solutions from music venues and festivals across Europe along with sector-specific guides and local supplier listings across Europe.  

Project Partners: 

WIP Renewable Energies (Germany), Julie's Bicycle (UK), Green Music Initiative (Germany), Elevate Festival (Austria), Terra Systemics (Portugal), Ekodoma (Latvia), Projects in Motion (Malta), Agentur Wicher (Austria), United Partners (Bulgaria).

The programme is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Union.

Sustaining Creativity