Europe Jazz Network

Take the Green Train

Julie’s Bicycle & Europe Jazz Network present Take The Green Train: a new initiative to inspire collective action, exploring the environmental issues facing the arts and cultural industries, and how the jazz sector can respond as part of a global movement addressing climate change practically and inspirationally.

In April 2015, we hosted a ‘Take the Green Train’ seminar at Gateshead International Jazz Festival to kick-start the exchange of best practice among the network and lay the foundation for further work.

In 2015-2016, Take the Green Train will:

  • Create a ‘Green Manifesto’ for the Europe Jazz Network membership, to be presented at the European Jazz Conference and at WOMEX
  • Compile a ‘knowledgebase’ of ideas and practical actions already being taken on environmental sustainability by EJN members to share expertise and encourage further ambition
  • Undertake an action research green touring project to explore and apply environmentally sustainable practices for jazz touring
  • Investigate the potential for ‘green’ tourism initiatives via partnerships with train companies and other businesses.

We want to develop a network response across artists, venues, and promoters, explore how the EJN membership can transform its working practices, and create new collaborative approaches to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing environment.


Sustaining Creativity