Take the Green Train Seminar at the Sage Gateshead, April 2015

Event Report

Take the Green Train was a seminar on environmental sustainability in music and jazz held at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival at the Sage Gateshead in April 2015, featuring guest speakers, case studies, green touring top tips, and ideas for future trajectories for the EJN membership on environmental sustainability. We want to make sure the learning and outcomes of the day are shared as widely as possible among the network, so have produced the following event report which summarises the various presentations and discussions from the day.

Download the Take The Green Train event report (including speaker biographies) [PDF, 6.6 MB, 26 pages]

Agenda, 10 April 2015

11:00 – Welcome and Introduction to the Project: Ros Rigby OBE, Performance Programme Director, Sage Gateshead and President, Europe Jazz Network

11.10 - Overview of the Day: Alison Tickell, CEO, Julie's Bicycle

11.15 - Participant Introductions

11.30 - The Big Picture: Alison Tickell, CEO, Julie's Bicycle

Outline of recent climate science and the creative and cultural response to date.

11.40 – Keynote: Tony Wadsworth CBE, Chairman, Julie’s Bicycle

The music industry and environmental sustainability: what does this movement look like and why are we here?

11.55 - What's happening in Jazz?

Presenting existing good and best practice from within the Jazz community, and inviting participants to share their stories and other examples they are inspired by and what their thoughts might be for next steps.

Guest speakers:

Enedina Sanna, Jana Project, Sardinia, Italy on the sustainability initiatives taken by the Musica Sulle Bocche festival, including their sensitivity to the local environment, collaboration with the local authority, and campaigns.

Jill Rodger, Festival Director, Glasgow International Jazz Festival, Scotland on the festival’s work on environmental sustainability to date and plans for the future.

Followed by Q&A/discussion for anyone else wanting to contribute stories.

12.40 - Raising the Bar - Leadership in Action

Leading examples of environmental action from the broader music ecosystem.

Guest speakers:

Laura Pando, Sustainability Coordinator, Festival Republic on the promoter’s pioneering work with suppliers, audiences, and other stakeholders on designing environmental sustainability initiatives for their Creative Industry Green certified Reading, Leeds, and Latitude major festivals.

Paul Elam, Event Coordinator (Performance Programming) and Co-Chair of the Green Team, Sage Gateshead on what Sage Gateshead has done to date regarding environmental sustainability as a venue, and what they are doing over the Jazz Festival weekend.

Followed by Q&A

13:20 – Lunch (30 minutes)

13.50 - Green Touring Masterclass

Workshop led by Julie's Bicycle on the process of planning and delivering sustainable touring practices, and the tools, resources and guidance available.

Guest speakers:

Graham McKenzie, Artistic Director, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival on organising a tour by train for saxophonist Evan Parker.

Wim Wabbes, Artistic Director, Handelsbeurs Concert Hall, Ghent, Belgium and EJN board member on the opportunities and challenges involved in the recent Yolda project on migration and music, which involved musicians travelling across Europe from Istanbul to Ghent, much of it by train.

15.20 – Break (15 minutes)

15.35 - Trend-spotting: Sustaining Creativity
Circularity, digital, and values. Looking at how new models born from the sharing economy and new digital platforms are reshaping touring models and democratising the touring and music production process by turning fans into co-producers and co-investors in touring and performance – and how these changes are translated and interpreted in the context of environmental sustainability. Presentation by Julie’s Bicycle followed by brainstorming and group discussion of how these models might be applied within Jazz touring.

16.00 - The Green Train Pledge
What will we commit to doing together during this project, and how can we influence the network as a whole? Where do we want to be in five years, both individually and as a network? How will we get there? Participants will work on guided ideas generation and action planning to come up with practical and concrete steps forward both individually and as a network and community.

16:50 – Summary and next steps: Ros Rigby OBE, Performance Programme Director, Sage Gateshead and President, Europe Jazz Network

Sustaining Creativity