Event Programme

A half-day event for creative and cultural leaders, artists, funders and policymakers.

Wednesday 4th May
13:30 - 20:00

The Great Hall 
King's College London
Strand Campus

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13.30 King's, Strand Building Entrance Hall

Refreshments will be provided.

Welcome Address

14.00 Great Hall

Deborah Bull Assistant Principal (London), King’s College London

Voices of COPtimism

14.10 Great Hall

Whether we respond to climate change or not, it will bring radical change to our lives. We have a choice: business as usual and the inevitable impacts of climate change, or participate in the much more creative process of redesigning our economy and encouraging new cultural values. There’s no such thing as neutrality.

The panel will give an overview of how the creative industries are responding already to environmental change, and what our industries could look like if we were to choose to act now and boldly in the context of the COP21 Paris Agreement.

Nick Nuttall Head of Communications and Outreach and Spokesperson for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Baroness Lola Young OBE Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion

Darren Henley Chief Executive, Arts Council England

Patrick Degeorges French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

Heather Ackroyd Artist of partnership Ackroyd & Harvey

Chaired by Alison Tickell Director, Julie’s Bicycle


15.10 - 15.30 Refreshments provided in the Great Hall.

Breakout Discussions

Changing the Narrative: Creating New Norms

15.30 Great Hall

Culture and creativity shape both our material and our conceptual worlds. The role of artists and creative businesses in provoking and mainstreaming new ideas and sustainable behaviours, and reflecting on how we feel about the natural world, are unsurpassed. So how can, and how should creatives leverage their influence?

Tim Lindsay CEO, D&AD

Matt Black Coldcut & Ninja Tune Records

Debbie Manners CEO, Keo Films

Rachel Long Poet

Chaired by Alex McIntosh Business and Research Associate, Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Energy, Culture and Ethics

15.30 Breakout Space K1.28

Culture is infused with energy. It impacts everything, from the venues that present cultural work, to the clothes we wear and the pensions that we rely on. This session is about the opportunities in a cleaner, greener, decentralised energy system for the creative industries, and our role in driving demand for ethical investment. 

Howard Johns Author of Energy Revolution, Energy Engineer, Entrepreneur and Activist 

Catherine Howarth Chief Executive, ShareAction

David Brooks Managing Director - Supply, Good Energy

Charlotte Webster Founder, Human Nature

Chaired by Sophia Tickell Co-founder and Partner, Meteos

Changing the Narrative: Institutions As Transition

16.20 Great Hall

Businesses and organisations are creating the conditions for radical change through new business models and practice, audience participation, and creative innovation. Our panel sketch what could be possible if every institution embodies a transitional role. 

Dilys Williams Professor of Fashion Design for Sustainability and Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion

Alison Tickell Director, Julie’s Bicycle

Lucy Davies Executive Producer, Royal Court Theatre and Chair of the London Theatre Consortium

Naresh Ramchandani Partner at Pentagram, Co-founder and Creative Director at Do The Green Thing

Chaired by Adrian Ruth Director for Sustainability and BBC Spark, BBC

A New Economy: Redesigning Systems

16.20 Breakout Space K1.28

The circular economy has the potential to transform our relationship with materials, by creating new creative and business value by “designing out” waste from our economy. Four leading designers share their insights considering how the circular economy can deliver value for every business, and what leadership is required to make it happen.   

Professor Rebecca Earley Design Researcher, Educator and Facilitator for the Circular Economy

Cyndi Rhoades Founder, Circular Executive Officer, Worn Again

Paule Constable Lighting Designer

Sophie Thomas Designer and Founding Director, Thomas.Matthews

Chaired by Barry Waddilove Knowledge Transfer Manager – Design, Knowledge Transfer Network

Final Plenary

17.10 Great Hall

Breakout Chairs will come together to summarise key actions and next steps. 

Chaired by Alison Tickell Director, Julie’s Bicycle


17.30 Great Hall

Launch of the Creative Climate Coalition

18.00 Great Hall

A new pledge to drive collective action in line with the COP21 Paris Agreement. 

Speeches from:

Professor Frances Corner Head of London College of Fashion           

Kevin Price COO, BAFTA

Tim Lindsay CEO, D&AD

Tony Wadsworth Chairman, Julie’s Bicycle

Performance from:

Rachel Long Poet

Reception Continues

18.30 - 20.00

Sustaining Creativity