London Theatre Consortium

A three year sustainability partnership with 13 of London's producing theatres.

Julie's Bicycle has been working in partnership with 13 of London's producing theatres, represented by the London Theatre Consortium, since 2010. The partnership has involved green champion workshops and knowledge sharing opportunities for staff on everything from behaviour change to envisioning the future of a sustainable theatre sector; annual Creative Green certification; and a cross-consortium energy reduction campaign.

Best practice is always emerging, but includes the first sustainable production pilot - After Miss Julie at the Young Vic (2012), the first three star Creative Green rated theatre venue - the Lyric Hammersmith (followed closely by the Battersea Arts Centre) - and in 2013/14 four out of eleven three star certifications were from the LTC. There are also fantastic examples of staff and public engagement campaigns alongside artistic commissions, like the Royal Court's 2071 and the associated programme of talks and the "day of action" programmed alongside it.

Sustaining Creativity