The Power Behind Festivals Guide

Launched in December 2012, The Power Behind Festivals is a Guide to Sustainable Power at Outdoor Events.

Designed for promoters and festival organisers, the guide pools information gathered over the past 18 months by Powerful Thinking, including research undertaken at festival sites. The report aims to equip festival organisers with the knowledge, understanding, and basic tools they need to open and extend much needed conversations on delivering sustainable temporary power.

Based on initial findings, it is estimated that any festival, regardless of size, location, or theme, can save at least 10% on their energy bill by following the ideas within.

As with all our work, Julie's Bicycle is looking at how the learnings from one sector, in this case music festivals, can be transferred to other creative industries. We have already begun talking about this with the Green Theatre Network in relation to outdoor and site specific work.

Sustaining Creativity