About Sustaining Creativity

‘Sustaining Creativity’ is a series of conversations, events and publications exploring environmental challenges, drivers of change, and the opportunities that transformative solutions offer to the creative community.

Sustaining Creativity is an open-ended exploration of the creative and cultural community’s response to environmental sustainability.

Our rapidly changing world is being transformed by the constraints and the possibilities resulting from our understanding of sustainability. We want to understand how the creative community is thinking about the coming decade and what it perceives as the critical drivers for change.

Sustaining Creativity aims to:

  • Inspire cultural leadership on sustainability.
  • Extend ambition about what is possible using real examples.
  • Highlight some key shifts needed to develop a sustainable creative infrastructure.
  • Foster confident decision-making that look beyond political and funding cycles.
  • Produce a series of events and publications.

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Sustaining Creativity