Circular Economy

How would an alternative ‘circular economy’ work in the arts and culture?

In partnership with RSA, The Great Recovery.

The creative industries, like all other industries, are dependent on the material world - wood, metal, fabric, oil, and stone. Over the last 50 years the use of resources has accelerated at a previously unimaginable rate, with huge environmental consequences. Now alternative approaches to resources are ditching the outdated "take, make, dispose" economic model, and are designing out the concept of "waste" altogether. Reuse, repurposing, recycling, upcycling, sharing, swapping, leasing are all examples of a broad and unstoppable movement which is reevaluating and maximising resource value.

In partnership with the RSA's visionary 'Great Recovery' team hosted three workshops and a public showcase to map out how an alternative 'circular economy' would work in the arts and culture. The events involved working with leading pioneers and creative thinkers to scale up good ideas and promote initiatives grounded in sustainability.

Scenery Salvage: Tour and Workshop

Closed Loop: Tour and Workshop

Ewaste Workshop and Circularity Showcase at FabLab London

Sustaining Creativity