We have been hosting a series of conversations exploring the join-up between cultural value, our social and cultural values, and where environmental sustainability sits amongst it all, with cultural leaders and their staff, funders, environmental experts and the general public.

In partnership with cultural consultants John Holden and John Kieffer, Liverpool Everyman, Whitworth Art Gallery and architects Haworth Tompkins. As both the creative and green economies continue to grow and connect, we have been discussing the values that underpin both. What drives the green creative economy? And what role do the cultural spaces where creativity flourishes play?

Introduction to Value

Value and Cultural Spaces, Liverpool Everyman

It was a pleasure to have been hosted in the wonderful Liverpool Everyman in October 2014.

We joined Deborah Aydon (Executive Director, Liverpool Everyman) and panel of thinkers including Peter North, Steve Tompkins and Robert Longthorne to discuss 'cultural value' and what it means to go beyond 'business as usual' to create forward-thinking sustainable spaces.

Catch up on what we discussed

Value and Cultural Buildings, The Whitworth

In 2015 The Whitworth reopened it's doors after it's extensive redevelopment. Through the story of their new building, Julie's Bicycle, Head of Collections Care & Access, Nicola Walker, John Holden and Dr James Evans explored 'cultural value' and what it means to create forward-thinking, sustainable spaces.

Watch the event recording

Value and Cultural Spaces at The Whitworth from Julie's Bicycle on Vimeo.

Sustaining Creativity