Energising the creative response to climate change.

TippingPoint aims to be a year round ‘connector’ of the arts and climate science worlds. At the heart of TippingPoint's work is an international programme of two-day gatherings where artists and scientists participate in an informal but intense series of meetings and exercises to provoke and engender collaborative thinking and creative work. TippingPoint also offers points of engagement through one off events, conferences and public debates.

TippingPoint is all about discourse and dialogue leading to creative action. For over ten years, TippingPoint has been playing its part in enabling the arts sector to create and produce work that addresses the huge challenges of climate change. 

TippingPoint Commissions were launched in 2009 – an open invitation to artists to propose performative work that in some way embraces climate change – and have supported over 20 pieces of work that cover diverse art forms and at all scales.

Originally founded by Peter Gingold in 2005 and thriving under his leadership for over a decade, TippingPoint became a part of Julie's Bicycle in 2017, continuing to work closely with an advisory group of key figures from the TippingPoint network including Peter Gingold, Judith Knight (Artsadmin), and Rose Fenton. 

Read Peter Gingold in Arts Professional reflecting on the work of TippingPoint after the Paris Agreement, 2016

Header Image: 'Funeral for a Lost Species' by Feral Theatre, TippingPoint commission 2011

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